Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered; the theme of idealism and escapism is common to both. The difference is that Jupiter is not about spirituality or sacrifice. Jupiter demands gratification, big time. So Venus/Jupiter can be lazy, especially when it comes to relationship chores Venus conjunct Jupiter synastry is just as beneficial and helpful as the planet Jupiter, and as affectionate and sweet as Venus. The Venus person is attracted to the wisdom of the Jupiter person, while the Jupiter person can grow through the love and appreciation of the Venus person. This aspect suggests a connection on a higher level

Your Jupiter in Pisces blesses you with a soft soul that is full of compassion and love. You feel very connected to the people that come into your life, no matter how well you know them. You have an innate understanding of people that allows you to sense their feelings without the need for words In the case of Venus Conjunct Jupiter, the two planets are joined in a conjunction, they do astrologically become sort of a new planet, with its own distinct traits. The closer the conjunction is, the more this transformation is true. In this case, it's enlarging the qualities of Venus: romance, relationship, pleasure, and money Venus conjunct Jupiter transit portends love and money, harmony, and happiness. You do not have to strive, struggle, or work hard. This is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work. Beautiful things are attracted to you Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces zodiac sign becomes a guide to Venus in this sign. Hence, a dignified Jupiter extends the auspicious effects of this combination. Venus in this sign is in 6th and 11th from its own signs Libra and Taurus respectively

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal. With Venus conjunct Jupiter at the time of your birth, your expansive vision of what's possible to create and achieve in life makes you an inspirational presence for others. Your belief in your ability to manifest big dreams is a key element to your success Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal. People with Venus conjunct Jupiter in their birth chart are rather attractive individuals, more than pleasant to the eye, just like their respective arrangement in the skies. And as such, they'll constantly be in the spotlight of society, always the hottest topic to discuss, always the ones people are talking about

With transit Jupiter conjunct your natal Venus, your creativity is heightened, and this is a good time to pursue creative ventures. If you're happy at work, you'll be even happier and do more work 2020 did not have Venus conjunct Jupiter at all. 2019 saw them pair up twice, in January and November, while Jupiter was in Sagittarius (they didn't conjunct while Jupiter was in Capricorn and won't conjunct again until April 2022 in Pisces). This one comes at just the right time of year

That is what Pisces is and without Venus' blessings, you cannot really progress in spiritual life. Therefore two universal Gurus, Jupiter and Venus join hands in the most powerful house of Moksha or liberation, in the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac to create this energy of self-realisation and liberation of soul from the materialistic world Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces / Meena: This the simplest conjunction.her Venus is exalted and Jupiter is own sign.in this sign each planet facilitate one another. these individuals terribly religious, they get their partner who is incredibly warm and religious. these individuals have gumption of intuitive power. they're terribly. CLICK HERE- http://www.astrologykrs.comBook link- http://www.astrologykrs.com/Shop.htmlThese videos are based on the ancient science of Vedic Astrology known.. Venus governs the fifth and twelfth house for Gemini natives and will transit through their twelfth house during its movement from Aqaurius to its exalted state pisces. Mercury, the ascendant lord of your Moon sign is great friends of Venus, which indicates that this period will bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of the twins

The Virgo Full Moon is ruled by Mercury in Pisces applying to conjoin Venus and Chiron in Pisces, as well as applying to a stabilizing trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury resides in Pisces in polarity to both its home and exaltation in Virgo, yet since it is being received by Jupiter it has the resources of Jupiter fully loaded in its tool kit Venus and Neptune are both in a position of strength in Pisces, and the New Moon further emphasises the intensity of their combined influence. Venus and Neptune are both involved with love. Venus is our individual desires, what we personally love

You are not a person who comes on strong or who is aggressive with a partner. You need to feel safe and your partner must demonstrate loyalty and commitment to you in order for you to be at your best and most secure. Venus and Mars in the same signs: You are vibrant, sexual, and charismatic Venus - Jupiter Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition Venus conjunct Jupiter Whether these people are shy or outgoing, law-abiding or reckless, quiet or loudthey possess a very grand idea of love, and they have an indulgent side to them that is unmistakable, and possibly hard to control Venus is lady Love and exalted in Pisces and Neptune is romantic and dewy-eyed at best and Neptune rules Pisces. Both planetary bodies are enhanced in the last sign of the zodiac. This is a super merging of loving energies and the perfect excuse to lose yourself in a romantic, spiritual, creative or artistic experience Venus and Jupiter—the two benefics—are traditionally known as Fortuna Minor and Fortuna Major, respectively. They were regarded as good planets which brought fortune and happiness in life: Jupiter represents expansion, ideals, trust, confidence, growth, a sense of belonging and abundance; Venus is the goddess of love that brings romance, pleasure, contentment, balance, beauty and. Awaken your inner Shaman. Venus direct and Chiron in Pisces,15/16th April. As Venus now stations direct on the 15th April, after a six week retrograde period, we have revisited the wounds of the past so that we can forgive, release, heal and let them go

Extravagant Love: Venus Conjunct Jupiter in the Natal

The last time Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Pisces was 1856: The second Opium War began, you could buy cocaine, arsenic, or morphine from the chemist and the spiritualist movement started up. Newspapers like the British Spiritualist Telegraph reported on spirit-rapping, clairvoyance, aura-reading, self-levitation, and earth currents The roller coaster of life came to a stop this morning, (the Sun leaving the square to Uranus). We're on a nice merry-go-round sitting on pretty ponies painted in pastels, (Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces sextiling Jupiter). They stand on a floor painted black, giving us a sense of grounded-ness as we turn, (Jupiter in Capricorn)

Natal Venus to Natal Jupiter With your natal Venus conjunct natal Jupiter, you can indulge more than most, and have to work at keeping yourself under control. You love life and experience so much that it's hard to put a lid on yourself. You're generous and can be a spendthrift if you don't watch yourself Nov 23 & 24 ~ Best Weekend of 2019! Venus Conjunct Jupiter in as Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees Scorpio on Nov 20 and connects with the North Node in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces 4:27 AM PT - Mars conjunct Saturn at 9 degrees of Sagittarius on the fixed star Antares . Thursday, August 25th. 11:57 PM PT - Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces both at 10 degrees. Saturday, August 27th. 3:29 PM PT - Venus conjunct Jupiter at 27 degrees of Virgo. Sunday, August 28t Venus into Aries. 33. 1 Share. Share

This Venus-Jupiter conjunction is a heaven-sent occasion for setting intentions. Playing by the Pisces rules, you'd therefore be smart to speak directly to the heavens (and to whom-/whatever you believe dwells there) with your intentions—with the pure-hearted expectation that of course your words are being heard. Say it aloud Tag Archives: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces New Moon in Aquarius, February 13-14, 2010 If there ever was a time to check our expectations and assumptions about love and romance at the door, the New Moon on February 13 is it (February 14 in the Eastern Hemisphere) Jupiter in Pisces: Spiritual, Compassionate, and Deep. Being the largest planet in our cosmos, Jupiter is known for its ability to expand our minds, hearts, and souls. It is a teacher, eager to open us up to the endless opportunity in our lives and possibility in our world. Jupiter is all about reaching further and going beyond our boundaries. If Jupiter is positioned in its signs Sagittarius or Pisces in the 12th house, it forms a very fortunate and powerful Vimala Yoga, which is one of the three Viparita Raja Yogas. As a general result of this combination, all the best outcomes are extracted from the 12th house significances while protecting from the negative ones Jupiter in Pisces makes people interested in mysticism, the occult, and all secret knowledge. They are very secretive themselves, but have a natural ability to discover other people's secrets. They often work as private detectives and investigators, where these traits are very beneficial for the success of their work efforts

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry: Growing Togethe

Lucky Jupiter in the eighth house is truly a gift. Jupiter always gains through others when it falls in the eighth house of the natal chart, and of course, it doesn't even have to try. It isn't because Jupiter is selfish. Jupiter is actually generous and giving in the eighth house, and this generosity always finds its way back to Jupiter Jupiter in Pisces Personality. With Jupiter in Pisces, the planet lies in the second sign of its rulership. As with Sagittarius, the first sign, the planet feels comfortable and at home in this sign. Again it is very powerful here, rather like a sports team that is unbeatable on its home pitch. The sign of Pisces gives the planet Jupiter great.

Jupiter in Pisces: Spiritual, Compassionate, and Deep

Jupiter's easy going attitude keeps these chart holders from worrying about how their self-expression is received by others, which further inflates their expressiveness. However, Jupiter notoriously takes things too far, and in the fifth house, this can mean excessively indulging in fifth-house vices like alcohol, affairs and parties Venus square Jupiter Transit. This square transit between Venus and Jupiter will bring forth great opportunities for socializing and creating new bonds. In this regard, you should exert caution not to change yourself too much for others just so that you can please them. This is especially important in your love life Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Leo Humor. August 4, 2015. December 12, 2017 ~ EmpwrdDstny. ~ Leave a comment. LOL, nobody loves to be flattered quite like The King .except for maybe a Queenly Venus in Leo amped up by a conjunction to Jupiter! But with Venus retrograde, on a more serious note mere plastic praises are not enough and a litmus. Your Sun is also in aspect to Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn; Especially if your Moon is also in aspect to Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn; 10. Valens says you marry below your station and are caused grief in marriage if: Your Venus is conjunct Saturn in the 7th or 4th whole sign house, or in the same sign as the IC. 11

If dolphins do it!? (Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune)

Ceres Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter expands whatever it touches. At least there will tend to be plenty of early nurturing, whether the kid wanted it or not. Even in a poor family, where there is little to go around, this will be the child that gets more of the goodies He has Venus in Virgo tightly conjunct Mars, squaring his Moon in Gemini among other things, like Jupiter in Sagittarius. That pretty much explains this email. Taken alone, Venus is in detriment in Virgo. The best way to understand this is to consider Venus' exaltation in the opposite sign, Pisces Venus in Pisces & Jupiter in Sagittarius Influences. Venus symbolizes relationships, partnerships, love, money, and values including self-confidence and self-worth. In watery Pisces, she is sensitive, dreamy, sweet, imaginative, soft, romantic, and tends to wear rose-colored glasses i.e. she's super optimistic and there's a bright side to everything Rahu - Venus or Mars- Venus combination in D9 chart is a strong indication of Love marriage while judging Life Partner from Navamsa chart. If the Ketu and Mars is conjunct in 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th house of Navamsa chart, we have to be very careful while checking spouse from Navamsa chart because such combination indicates a spouse who can be harmful to the Partner

Natal Venus Conjunct Jupiter ~ The Gift From Heave

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit - Astrology Kin

  1. This entry was posted in Full Moon and tagged full moon in virgo, Mars Rx sextile Saturn Rx, Mercury conjunct Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, Pluto sextile Sun, Pluto trine Moon, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, Venus conjunct Uranus in Pisces on February 25, 2010 by Pat
  2. Though Jupiter has no bitterness towards Rahu but Jupiter is never comfortable with Rahu either in Lagna chart or Navamsha chart. Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga. Venus or Shukracharya is the bitter enemy of Jupiter or Brihaspati. Since Shukracharya ( Venus ) is the Acharya of Daanav paksh, Rahu being a Daanav, hates Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  3. Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Pisces 2010. The Pope's first visit to England, since 1982, and the mass is being filmed live on television. Furthermore, the event is in keeping with the current and critical (degree) Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Moon Trine Venus
  4. i sign and lord is Mercury. 5th house has Cancer sign and lord is Moon. 6th house has Leo sign and lord is Sun. 7th house has Virgo sign and lord is Mercury
  5. Venus is lingering in the sign of Pisces triggering the recent eclipse material and she will conjunct Chiron on Wednesday. There is a need to integrate older material (crap) that surfaced or perhaps completely let it go. Venus in Pisces support us in doing so with full awareness and compassion not only for ourselves but for others
  6. Jupiter Combust 2021 happens between 15 January (05:03 hrs IST) and 12 February (11:05 hrs IST). During this Jupiter combust 2021, it gets within 11 degrees to Sun and loses its power to deliver positive or negative effects on our planet. During these 27 days, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter and combust due to Sun between 02-15 February 2021

Venus in Pisces ♓️ ⋆ Exalted Venus in Astrology

  1. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces (20 deg) Chiron conjunct Ceres in Aries (7 deg) Venus/Neptune can mean limitless love, unconditional love or beauty that is magical and exalted- so pure that it doesn't seem real.This is an expansive influence so there is a possibility of attracting more and giving more
  2. My mars and venus conjunct my ascendant in piscesand i am totally famousplus a dash of jupiter uranus conjunct my MC in Sagittarius its nutzjka4alaugh! Reply ↓ allie120 on November 8, 2014 at 6:40 am said
  3. As such, Venus-Jupiter aspects can indicate luck in accumulating money. Alternatively, the ruler of the 2 nd in aspect to Jupiter can also indicate someone who may win the lottery. Jupiter-Uranus connections are also common in the charts of lottery winners. Jupiter represents wealth and abundance, and Uranus represents the unexpected

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Aspects Natal and Transit

Posts about Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter conjunct Venus in Virgo written by empowerastrolog Juno in Capricorn: Your need is for a practical partner who is a good organizer and can help you in business. Don't expect them to show too much emotion. Juno in Aquarius: You need a partner that's - well - different. They may be a genius, eccentric, or just plain insane (maybe all of the above) John Cleese (Mercury trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune with Jupiter opposition Neptune), Elvis Presley (Mercury sextile Jupiter and trine Neptune and Jupiter conjunct Mercury/Neptune) and Bill Clinton (three times the combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in the 22.5 degree range) are other examples of people who were helped by fantasy or visions and who had or have many fans or. Venus and Jupiter Conjunct in Taurus. Pisces - Venus and Jupiter transit the third house of travel, learning and communications. Do use this time to tackle a new learning experience, Do travel for fun and business. Do use your analytical skills to be more of an expert and communicate with power Venus conjunct Chiron comes with the opportunity to embrace our vulnerability and heal our heart.. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, and personal values. Venus is what is important to you. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and shows us where we feel broken and inadequate.. Now that Chiron is in Aries, these feelings of brokenness and inadequacy are about the very foundation of who we are.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit: Keeping an Eye

Famous people examples: Justin Timberlake has Venus conjunct Eros within a 2 degree orb (in Capricorn) and square to Pluto. Elizabeth Taylor has a particularly powerful Eros: her Eros is in Pisces, conjunct both Sun and Mars, and opposing Neptune! Pamela Lee Anderson has Eros conjunct Moon (in Aries) opposite Mars, square Mercury, and trine Venus Jupiter and the Part of Fortune: If Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the potency of Jupiter will be enhanced in all of its positive forms. The person with this conjunction will be naturally optimistic, certain that all situations will turn out fine, and in general happy with every day as they take him closer to success and wealth and joy This is the post I needed to find today! I have Chiron in the 11th in Pisces (close conjunct Jupiter) and it is manifesting exactly as a fear of being lost in groups - Saturn is transiting opposite at present, conjuncting my 5th house Pluto so all these fears are being crystallised

Natal Venus - The Dark Pixie Astrolog

The Virgo-Pisces Opposition - Selfless-Service. The symbolic meaning of the opposition aspect (180 degrees) symbolizes the balancing of two opposing energies. The opposition is considered a difficult aspect in natal astrology. However, with this aspect, in particular, the elements are complementary. Water and earth can sustain one another Venus Conjunct Jupiter Synastry - Mutual Impression. This connection is, by all means, lovely and binding. Venus conjunct Jupiter inspires great mutual admiration, in aesthetic, creative and romantic sense. The expansive Jupiter, full of knowledge, but generally light, optimistic and easygoing impresses kind, charming and loving Venus Venus will conjunct Uranus at 10 Taurus on Thursday/Friday, April 22 or 23. This will impact planets or angles like the ascendant or MC at 10 degrees of any of the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Uranus acts to quicken, activate or stimulate events and experiences, as if the wheel of life Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Excitement, Change and a Breakthrough Read More Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, March 8, 2020, 18 Pisces Once a year the Sun passes over each of the outer planets. On March 8, it's Neptune's turn. An outer planet is somewhat nebulous by nature, in that we must draw on technology, like a telescope, to see it. The Sun will act as a Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Daydream Believer Read More

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Lovescopes: Love Outside the Box

  1. Moon conjunct Venus in the Birth Chart. To find our if you have Moon and Venus in the same sign in your horoscope click on the birth chart calculator and see if Mo and Ve are together in the same sector (triangle or square). Modern astrology takes into consideration only conjunctions which are within 10-12 degrees, but actually ancient sources.
  2. We also presently have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct now in Idealistic Pisces, a sign that Jupiter co-rules with Neptune. Equality and humanitarian issues are emphasized with this conjunction and just last week, we had the federal judge striking down the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, which had been in place in the military for almost two decades
  3. Natal Venus - Part of Fortune aspects shows relationship between your hart and wealth. The Part of Fortune points the way towards prosperity and abundance. It is an area in which we are said to find our greatest happiness, fulfillment and luck. We receive benefits or fortune from where the part of fortune is placed in our natal chart
  4. If the dream can be made real, today we see how. In fact, by the afternoon we feel how. We are so in tune with the possibilities we can almost taste them. It's a whole lot about forgiveness and acceptance. (Mars square Moon conjunct Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn) What a day. Channeling Change is opportunity

Venus Exalted in Pisces - How to read exalted Venus in

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  2. Transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Natal North Node in few days and Jupiter will conjunct next month with my natal Pluto in House 8 (Placidus). This transit will happen 3 times in November 2016, then in April 2017(when Jupiter is retrograde) and then in July 2017
  3. And a Pisces placement is more like Imma still love you it don't matter what you do or who you are. Neptune conjunct Venus will create a sort of illusion as to how he may perceive the person. Pisces could also create an ideal image of someone on their head, but any Neptune aspect is more suspectible of doing this
  4. Venus is conjunct Jupiter in the spiritual sign of Pisces. The ancients considered Venus and Jupiter to have a beneficial nature, and called them the Lesser Benefic and the Greater Benefic, respectively. Venus brings beauty and love of a personal nature, while Jupiter bestows optimism and compassion, or spiritual love. Before the discovery of Neptune
  5. Hello! What does Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th house mean? Thank you!! You work so hard :'( Hey there!! ️ ️ ️ Aah thank u so much! ;v; ️ ️ ️ It means a lot so thank you!!..
  6. Pisces Rulers: Jupiter and Neptune; Venus Basics. Venus stays within two signs of the Sun in terms of relative position to Earth. That means people who have Venus in Pisces can have the Sun in only the following signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, or Taurus
Mickey Rourke's Sun conjunct Jupiter | Mystic Medusa Astrology

Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Vedic Astrolog

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  2. On 25 February Venus enters Pisces supporting empathy and compassion between folks. This is an important quality given the ongoing tension of the square between Saturn and Uranus.On the same day Mars trines Pluto, Jupiter trines the North Node and the Sun sextiles Uranus
  3. Venus in Leo, Jupiter in Pisces. With Jupiter in Pisces in the natal chart you may have a tendency to indulge in escapist activities. At times you may find you get swept up in substance use or drinking. You allow yourself to melt into a spiritual ocean and can become emotionally overwhelmed by the world's expectations of you
  4. Venus in Capricorn With Jupiter in Pisces in the natal chart you may have a tendency to indulge in escapist activities. At times you may find you get swept up in substance use or drinking. You allow yourself to melt into a spiritual ocean and can become emotionally overwhelmed by the world's expectations of you
  5. I am not going to give you any astrological gyaan. I will give you solid predictions from the combination you have shared. Your Venus/Jupiter Conjunction is happening in the Pisces sign. Prediction 1 : Whenever there was or will be a Jupiter Mahad..
  6. Posts about Venus conjunct Jupiter written by Gneiss Moo
Aelita Andre: Raising The Capricorn Bar | Mystic Medusa

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in this case, it's enlarging the qualities of Venus: romance, relationship, pleasure, and money. This doesn't necessarily mean that all of these things will come easily to natives with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction. But the appetite for pleasure, romance, and, in some cases, material things, is big Imminent: Venus conjunct Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are potent together at any time. But when they meet in Scorpio, it is indigo, magical alignment. See your Horoscopes and the Daily Mystic for more on this potent duo. But think a la Jupiter wanting to magnify everything, to go bigger and Venus open to the concept So, Venus is in Vedic Pisces now, where Venus is exalted and in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra. BUT Venus is conjunct Chiron. AND this Venus Chiron conjunction is square the nodal Axis. So, for some there will at this time be a fairly manageable and easy breakthrough in the quality of their loving relationship Newsmaker Mercury Rx in Pisces was also involved here: It was sextile to both Jupiter and Chiron and conjunct the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint. 2021: Venus Conjunct Sun The Lamp said: March 26, 2021 at 3:29. So glad you're back to posting! Thank you! Reply. Patrice Thompson said This new moon in Pisces is gentle as a feather and soft as a summer breeze. Like a flower, she opens the heart to suffering, applying nectar to heal division and unite us with those people we would otherwise avoid

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